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Burn Kid

Old thought for a new day... Sometimes people are overwhelmed by the smell of manure so they want to clean it totally out of the barn and in the process they get rid of all the horses and cows. Successful they forget if it weren't for the critters that expel the manure the work in the field would not be accomplished. Trust me, Christians including missionaries expel plenty of it and yet God designed the program in which we are an essential ingredient. People who come out to visit what some call the "Field" (which we have come to call Home) need to be careful not to leave the smell of the barn/field behind and for the rest of their life retain only the memory of the smell while living back wherever they call home…

No denying we Field workers can be stinkers, but let's keep on doing what needs to be done. Rescuing lives (sometimes in the wee hours of the morning) occasionally almost up to our knees in flooded muddy sewer water our attitude might slip a bit (in contrast to laughing hilariously, which can also happen) but hey… It comes with the territory. We were made out of the dirt, our heart is still in transformation…We are here to spend ourselves... We see a lot of unlovely sights... A couple weeks ago, this young child was burned by boiling water and his mother brought him to us for help... thankfully it has healed well.




DD with Fireman

It's not "IF" there's a fire, it's "WHEN" there's a fire. Tonight the sirens pierced the night air as many fire trucks entered our densely packed community. Looking into the darkness we saw the glow and flames of the fire and quickly gathered our family and Family Circus team to prepare to help the affected families in any way possible, including to provide shelter for those in need. For the next hour plus we found ourselves immersed in the fire zone participating in bucket brigades and providing light for those manning the fire hoses. The fire has been extinguished. Many families lost their homes yet they are thankful for safety of their families and friends. We will continue assisting as we can in the days ahead to help them with some of the essentials as we are able. It's nearly midnight now. Good Night...





Fatima1Fatima2(Kid)Fatima3(Kid and uncle Darrell)Fatima4(Kid and uncle Darrell)

Sunday on an island in the South Pacific... OK It's a Marathon... and we are running THE race...These encounters with kids impact our heart. Sunday 7 AM, Patima age 15, the eldest of six siblings comes to me and says, her father (age 40) just died at the hospital. The doctors discovered stomach cancer, advanced stage. 24 hours later he was buried - Muslim burial. He'd been to FC with his entire family and his children are our friends. Patima came asking for help for as the family gathers together. As is our practice we sent her home with coffee, juice etc for them during this time to help defray their expenses and to show we care. Then in the days ahead we will continue to show we care...

Then on the way to McDo I pass a 'unknown' sleeping child laying on the sidewalk outside someones door. I sit next to him and pray over him. Reaching into my pocket I pull out what I have, a package of peanuts and leave it in his begging cup along with the few coins others have given. In the days ahead... I will see what can be done... Including hotcakes  An armchair critic might tell me what I should have done, however it's not so easy when we're out here and there are thousands of kids living this way and our monthly donations the past two months have dropped to the lowest level we've seen in a long time... We stretch funds to the max... And NO! a package of peanuts is not enough to help a little boys needs as he's sleeping and living on the street.

Back at FC at the close of the teaching time, we pray over children as the parents give them back to God... the one on the left is a baby about 8 days old the same age Jesus was when he was dedicated. The other girl is about 1 year old with a serious kidney malfunction that will take her life unless a miracle of some kind happens...
After all of us pray and dedicate these children to the Lord we call up 5 young ladies (15 - 16 years old) to receive a gift package of groceries and misc to bless them and their families. Only one of them was a mother though some of our children become mothers much younger.

I saw that Steff's shoes were worn out and tried to fit her with some donated ones since she has difficulty walking... That task met a need as tomorrow she prepares to return to school - 3rd grade after several years absence due to inaccessible classrooms. Climbing stairs is very difficult (nearly impossible for her). What a beautiful young lady, with a tender spirit. We've been loaning her books each week so she could continue expanding her knowledge even with the lack of formal education.

At the close of Family Circus our young volunteers were preparing the distribution of Kale and other vegetables grown in our gardens... This is part of our feeding program for those that are hungry and in need. By the end of the year we will have distributed hopefully again over 1/2 a million meals. "Spending Ourselves..." so thankful for those who help..

Fatima5(Kid and uncle Darrell)Fatima6(Groceries)Fatima7(Stiff and Shoes)Fatima8(Veggies for Families)







Christine Visit1Christine Visit2Christine Visit3Christine Visit4Christine Visit5

Christine came for another visit and spent several weeks with us. (Thanks to her family for sharing her with us). She again taught haircutting to several of our mothers, and advanced haircutting for those she taught last time. Besides helping each week to cut children's hair at Family Circus she even went to the prison and together with Sandy Crogh Blatchley and others ladies on our team, cut scores of lady inmates hair. When Christine left, she left behind not only tools for them to have employment out of their homes, she left behind part of her heart. I've a hunch she'll be back again... Thanks Christine Wilson... Thank you for giving & "Spending yourself" for these little ones.






Food for thought1Food for thought2Food for thought3

Food for thought: What does it take for a child to be happy? These days when parents tell their kids to "Go Play..." This generation will often reach for a computer... Yet there are many kids where we live who know how to use their imagination with what is available to turn it into something to play with. I watch the kids with critters like spiders and other little creatures... Some kids will take an old tire and roll it down the path and they have races and obstacle courses playing with it & other children. They use their imagination to explore the world out there waiting to be discovered... No batteries are needed. You know what...? They appear to be happy and content, and don't whine or cry when there isn't a computer available... I grew up in a similar generation. Contentment doesn't come from getting all you want, (lots of stuff) but instead it comes from learning to be happy with what you have... often including to learn to be happy with less...
I'm not saying poverty is better, nor am I saying being rich (in stuff) is better. Contentment with what you have is the best... at the same time let's work to improve our heart and relationship skills. Love your neighbor as yourself... Puts things in better perspective...





Thats All'THAT'S ALL...' the kitchen tools they had to cut their vegetables... Except now things are changing because friends help us to share wonderful hope and love. There is so many Great things that happen when kids & parents network with God to touch other kids. They can help, feed, educate, love, encourage, and transform forever the lives of other little ones when they pray and are motivated to give their best for other kids who happen to be without… BGMC is one of those great programs that challenge children to help kids.

A friend who is a children's pastor asked what their kids could do to help the kids out here and how better to pray... So I explained the following. We constantly are working at gardening to create food for hungry kids. So if the kids or even the parents had a goal to raise funds to help us buy; seed, a tractor (Bobcat), tools for the garden, all those things are good projects.

Then there are needs for school supplies; lack of school shoes, underwear, school uniform, pencil, paper backpack, etc can make it so the children have to drop out of school. Those are good items to perhaps collect and could even be prepared and placed in a backpack then then when we come to the US (Idaho) this summer somehow you could get them to us and we are praying & planning on building crates and filling a 40’ container to ship back to the Philippines with items to distribute and help the thousands of kids we teach each week at Family Circus.

The Superstorms caused major problems, and killed thousands, and many are still in the process of recovery, and will be for a long time yet to come. But in our area the SUPERSTORM our kids face isn’t a once a year disaster. It is the daily Superstorm of poverty and lack of basic essentials starting with nutritious food, clothes, and the basics of life.

How little do some kids/families have?
Recently we helped move a family into a new home that we built specifically for friends in need of a helping hand. When they moved into their new home we noticed the only knife they had to cut the vegetables for dinner was a broken 5” knife blade with no handle. (See the picture). They used it with thankfulness. I traded their old knife for a newer one and when I took the picture of the knife blade I put two other knives with it, a nice cutting knife and a butter knife. We are like many people and have a surplus of stuff. Both at home and at our office I have a set of each. Some of what we have is second hand given to us by friends, some of it is new, and much of the extra will end up in the homes of families who are in need. But for this family, "THAT'S ALL..." the only cutting knife they had… Our creator wants all of us to love others… We cannot love without sharing. He expects us to share from the extra that He gives us.

So many people go to bed at night with so much EXTRA stuff they worry about people breaking in and stealing their STUFF. This family didn’t even have a LOCK on their OLD house, and no DOOR either… They didn’t have to worry about someone breaking in and stealing something valuable because a thief would not waste their time… Except they had 8 treasures, which includes a precious mom & dad and 6 kids (Their oldest daughter is about 16). We understand the Devil is the Master Thief & wants to steal the hearts of those precious kids, and to twist and destroy them, to convince them that the Creator has forgotten about them and doesn’t love them… & for them to believe the LIE that they are NOT treasures. "What a LIAR he is!" God said, THAT the family is a treasure. Sandy and I and the Family Circus team went on a rescue mission and brought THEM from out of the dangerous shack that was built on stilts about to fall into the river.

Helping the family was possible because people, and that includes children who have extra, saved their money and gave in order to help ordinary people like Sandy and I to go out there and to rescue them. We call that being a good shepherd/neighbor… All they had for a kitchen tool to cut their food was a busted knife. Maybe you have more than you need and can share some of it with someone who is in need. ’TRUE LOVE’ is just as simple as that. We simply need to love & share. “THAT’S ALL.”
It's called, "Spending ourselves,"







Our son Darrell Blatchley and his wife Mary Blatchley and her sister will be flying to Manila this coming Monday for more checkup's to prayerfully find an answer to the migraines and strokes that Mary Gay (aka Gai Gai) has been having. Prayers very gratefully appreciated and thanks to any and all who have given acts of kindness especially during the stressful days during this past month...







Journal Notes - 2013



Discipline Lessons ... Follow my example and start your day off right...

Discipline lesson 1Go eat breakfast at McDonald's!... Oh No! That's not really what I needed to say and you might not agree either. Today as almost everyday I started it off by reading the Bible... Then... I went to McDo for breakfast.

Finished eating my McDo pancakes early and rode up to the gate in front of the tent and was surprised to see at 7:20 AM it was already open. Service starts at 9 and we normally open the gate at 7:30 AM. The line of people waiting to enter the tent was already long. It was so much fun you could feel the excitement rising as the tent quickly filled up and the Lord’s presence was there...


The message today was, "Discipline: Living as I ought not as I want." Our priority is kids! We teach the message with drama, so the kids understand it. Our philosophy is if the parents listen and apply it to their lives as Discipline lesson 2well; 'That's great!' But if not it's on their heads... in other words adults must take their responsibility for choosing what they do with their lives.

In contrast the kids while still forming their values, need to learn about the Truth and if we train them while young their future will have a solid foundation - again depending on their choices. That's why it's so wonderful to see the parents teaching their little children to pray and the older kids choosing to continue praying as they get older...

Discipline lesson 2
After the service four pregnant mothers in all stages of being pregnant... came to ask a question... They said (Talking mostly in Cebuano the local dialect) something about "too many kids" and some of the rest of the message I had difficulty understanding... Humorously I can understand a mother nine months pregnant wanting to change her mind about another child and thinking she had 'too many'... but obviously I was missing something essential so we went to the clinic and I listened as they again asked with translation.


I then understood they were saying the Jeepney (public transportation) that brings them Discipline lesson 3was too crowded due to "too many kids" and could they please hire another Jeepney for more people that wanted to come?... Ah... the light came on... With a prayer I said, 'Yes.' The prayer was for the Lord to supply extra funds to hire the Jeepney which will cost us an additional $15 a week to bring in another 40 kids and their families to the tent. Believing it's what He would like for us to do, as we know He likes it when the tent is full.  He said, "He wanted His house to be full and that no one be lost...

So I suggest you start your day off right and end it the same way by following my example and... "Go read your Bible..." (Yes, that's also what I do before going to sleep at night...)

Discipline lesson 3 . . .



Tuesday morning, my "day off" started with a hot cup of tea & honey, a good book, a gift and an idea 'restoration.' I'm a tool guy, and came by that character trait quite naturally. (The apple doesn't fall far from the tree.)


Tools 15-Tools2Tools 2Tools 3



ETools Dionleevery couple years Sandy and I take a couple months in the states to raise funds and collect things for the work out here in the Philippines. One of the things people have kindly donated is hand tools, some new and some not... In our shop there's a bucket of some of the ugliest tools. I reached in and pulled out a rusty old hand made hatchet. It wasn't fancy and looked well worn... So taking the cup of tea and gathering a few tools I went to work... Fun, relaxing and the restoration process concluded with a functional tool, no longer just an eye sore neglected in a bucket sitting in the corner.
Tools Cheryl

It's part of what makes me tick... Taking something or someone that others may have set aside and then putting some TLC, prayer and elbow grease and watching what God does in their lives. Little DionLee is one of those works in progress. About 9 years old, was being set in the corner and ignored as useless. He's in the first grade now. It takes time, he's a work in progress.
Then there's Cheryl she's six and kind of reminds me of another Cheryl at the same age. (My sister). A work in Tools with Babyprogress.


The Cheryl in the pink dress is similar to DionLee... Needing TLC, and some special attention. Her skin is a web of cracks, partly because of lack of soap and lotion wouldn't hurt. (We are working to provide both.) I've a hunch there is a medical name for her condition. (Anyone out there know what it is?) I've seen it before, perhaps partly caused by malnutrition.
Tools 5
Then there's Aryana she just turned 1 year old July 3rd. She has a congenital heart problem... and the family needs assistance. The monthly maintenance for medicine is about $57... my concern is she will end up like the little rusty tool, set aside because...

It's hard to know how to deal with the overwhelming needs when the resources are what they are... 'Impossible.' Yet knowing that "Impossible" is Gods specialty we will continue to do our best to help them... He loves a good restoration project and we all stand in need... of His restoration. Tools . . .




Hard work with dirty hands

Hard work with dirty handsDirty hands, a dirty face... and a bunch of young men helping their Aunt Sandy get ready for a time of blessing later this week. Getting items out of our warehouse and prepared to distribute as a blessings to many of our families this week.  We don't have to wait till Christmas to give gifts... It's happening all the time. Today's a holiday so they didn't have to go to school and were happy to be helping hands...

Hard work with dirty hands together with the boysLast week I cleaned out my closet, and found clothes I had rarely worn for the past 20+ years. My size is pretty much the same now as it was back then so I packed out a full bag of mens clothes, to find others who could use them. I ask myself these questions, "How much is enough?" Or should I ask, "How much do I really need?" If I haven't worn it in the past two years then why not give it to someone who will?

The man with no shoes would look at me and say... "You're wealthy, you have a pair of shoes..." In fact I have maybe 4 pair.

Not really changing the subject... One pastor once told me... "We don't do Children's ministry... It's too much work..." In contrast we do Children's ministry and 'YES!' Looking at Aunt Sandy and the young men you can see, It's a lot of work." But it's also a lot of FUN... Yes! It's tiring... rarely do we have any problems with insomnia, and BORED... NOT!"
I'm blessed with an industrious Proverbs 31 sweetheart.
Hard work with dirty hands together with the boys


Pregnant Mother

Pregnant MotherA very interesting subject! Today we were teaching the children about "Boy & Girl Relationships..." (Mom's and dads were listening and learning as well). We don't wait till they're teenagers to teach many of these important truths. No more  than we wait until their are a teenager to teach them not to steal or lie. By then they've already formed most of their values... We teach them while they are young or else we live with the regrets...
First we welcomed a few of our pregnant mothers and one of our newest babies to come forward so we could all pray for them. At the same time we reminded the mothers and the children listening that at whatever stage their pregnancy is at the unborn child was in the process of being molded and shaped by God, and "No!" he did not give us an option to kill the small child just because it was unseen or even sometimes unwanted. We also reminded them that sometimes people call their pregnancy/child a "Problem." But God says, "No!" The pregnancy is not a problem it is a child and to be loved by God and by the family. We average more than 200 newborns added to numbers annually. We love them all very much!
Cristy and pregnant MamaOne mother on the right side of the line-up, her baby is at the door ready to be born. The mother Julie age 27 is expecting her 8th child any day now. The midwife tells her that the child is possibly breach and that she needs an ultra sound... (You can do the math, her oldest daughter Jenna Rose is 13, then Ronald 12, Romella 11, Robert 10, RJ 8, Jamaica 5, Renyl 2, Ramcedric 1).
KidsI know some might say... 'Whoa...' but that's not a sermon for today... We do encourage responsible parenting. And I think Julie is doing her best to be a wonderful mom and provider for her kids. Sometime life is difficult, and she makes sure her children are coming to Family Circus and that they are learning about Jesus.
For the newest child soon to be born it is not their choice that they were the 8th yet they need to know that they are welcomed, and loved, including loved by God, and prayerfully if there is a lack someone will make sure they have enough to eat... and that they receive a good education...
We were called by God to be a shepherd of his little lambs and we are doing the best we can with God's help and the help of his family... Thanks again to one and all... We love being a channel of His blessing.
Cristy and pregnant Mama


Kale from GardenKale from Garden


Part of today's harvest from the garden, delicious Kale ...


12+ pounds. Going to feed the hungry. Other garden items, ochre, egg plants, cucumbers, pii chii, etc...


Mm good.



Dedication with Uncle Darrell

Three children brought by separate families to dedicate them to the Lord... What a privilege... to have them come each week even before they are born, to pray for them while yet in the womb and then to watch them grow into young men and women who love Jesus.

18 years and counting we have 'spent ourselves' on this island to make an investment in the lives of the children. Now we are seeing a 2nd generation brought into the world by the very children we first ministered to when they were young... Investing in the future.
Dedication with Uncle Darrell


Juna and Uncle Darrell


I carried Juna into the hospital this past week. She had high fevers and convulsions...


It was so good to see her completely well and walking into Family Circus today to take her usual place to serve others.


We are on the equator and even with the fans the tent is hot. She is one of the many volunteers that stand at the perimeter, looking for those who empty their containers of water and then hurrying to keep them filled with chilled filtered water during the service...


Mama's smile with Rhea

Mama's smile with RheaSo wonderful Rhea made it...


She turned 3 years old August 11th! She's growing and surviving her intensive battle with cancer and the ongoing Chemo...


Thanks to all that are praying for her... She came to Family Circus this week and every week as long as she has the strength and health. Her next treatment is Thursday, "Thank you!" to those who give to help her family pay the medical expenses. Yes the chemo is being donated by the hospital (and they are thankful) yet the medicine, and sometimes blood transfusions, all add up to more than they make in a month.


Nico's Family

Nico's FamilyNo! It's impossible!... A few months ago, her younger hard working husband died suddenly! No advance warning that this was going to happen. One week they were making 'plans' for the future... The next week she was burying them. She was left a 45 year old widow with six kids her youngest child barely a year old. She was not prepared for the questions that hit her... Her large family suddenly struck by tragedy. Life was seemingly not fair, but she had to continue doing what she always did, food had to be found, kids needed supplies to go to school, shoes (black ones were required)... The government was not there to help... Her older sister came to help, and moved in with the family. She is a big help even though she only has one arm, the one hand she has is now constantly helping her sisters family in every way possible.

Then God talks to Linda (in the USA)... and she responds and every month sends a small amount of funds as she is able to help the family and they get food from Family Circus, and yes black shoes also (Thanks friends!)... God meets Nikko's families needs and makes the 'impossible' happen... "Impossible?" That's His specialty!  If you are having a tough day and your situation looks impossible, don't give up. Instead get close to the One who makes 'Impossible' a part of his normal job description.

Nikko's mom will NEVER pass up an opportunity to tell us "Thank you!!" I just want to be sure to pass it on to you, as we are just a conduit to He who does the impossible... Thanks to all who help us bring miracles to these special friends!... We are blessed beyond words...


Inside the container

Inside the container"Stubborn kids"... 'Yes' we've seen lots of them and have looked in the mirror to see them staring right back at us... How far from the tree will the apple fall? What the kids see in their parents they often copy and do it much worse or much better... As kids we are all imitators of that which captures our attention (or our HEART) - be it good or bad.
Example: This week - we just received our 2nd container of food (for 2013) from Convoy of Hope & friends... The container departed the USA two months ago and arrived at Family Circus about 9:20 PM Tuesday. The semi truck came down the narrow street and our guys were there with long bamboo poles to push the power-lines up and away from snagging on the tall container.  We welcomed it with excitement and opening the doors we weren't seeing the 'work' involved, we were seeing the 'blessings.' It took us 6 hours to unload the 19+ tons of food (All unloaded by hand). Heavy barrels of soup mix, Manna Packs of vitamin enriched meals and boxes of macaroni. So thankful for all the hands involved in helping to make it possible. The hands that prepared the meals and those who loaded the food on the container, and then the hands here to unload... So many hands to bring food to the hungry children who really need it...

Inside the container 2The container of food was transferred into the almost empty Family Circus warehouse a 40' container (provided by BGMC) there is now nearly 1/3 of a million additional meals of food. "324,696" meals to be exact - for malnourished children, widows, pregnant and nursing mothers. We will prayerfully receive one more container in about 2-3 months and as we close out the year we anticipate having distributed a record number of meals (for us) of 1 million+ for 2013.
Stubborn kids... You'd better believe it! I was raised by a dad that was accused of the same and we were blessed by God to have parents (*All of them) that we can be proud of who demonstrated that hard work and helping people is the best way to serve God and to 'Spend one's life...'
PS Please pray with us now for the funds needed for the next container... Stubborn kids, you bet... "Ask and be ready to receive..." That's what He said to do..


Juna SickJuna Sick

This morning Sandy asked me if I could go help one of the young ladies that attend Family Circus. Juna's parents had just texted her that their daughter had a high fever and was suffering from convulsions. They were very concerned for her and like other parents in Jesus day, this child's parents reached out to Sandy who they knew really cared for their child.

Juna at hospitalAt her home I picked her up and began to pray as I carried her out to take her to the hospital.

When we arrived at the hospital at the Emergency entrance we were greeted by a nurse who is one of the sons of Pastor Eng a dear friend of our family. We haven't gotten the results back yet, but we know that our best Friend Jesus really loves these kids...
Please if you would, a prayer for Juna would be greatly appreciated.


JairosThe BEST Doctor

This past week Jairos five years old was at the hospital. He and his family love going to Family Circus to learn about Jesus.

The doctors were planning to do a spinal tap. They were pretty sure he had Spinal Meningitis...


I went to the 3rd  floor Special children's ward at the Government Hospital and seriously prayed for him. The doctors now say he's... just recovering from pneumonia.


Did I mention that we know the best children's Doctor available and his name is... Jesus?


Learning #101 ...


'Michael it's back to the basics.' Eating breakfast with this young man is a privilege and a responsibility... I know he's hungry and he's already reaching out to eat... but first we were going to start with prayer over the  food and giving thanks to God for His blessing. Yet before starting to pray, first I pause and ask him to wait a moment as I explain to Michael, "I know you've not had a father or mother to help raise and teach you some of the basic things as you grew up. We call that learning #101...


Michael and Uncle DarrellIt's like learning in to read in the first grade. In November you'll be 18 years old and one of those basic things you need to learn is how to give respect. Since I am buying your food you can respect me by joining in giving thanks to God the One who made our food. When we pray we will stop what we are doing for a moment and bow our heads even closing our eyes and I'll tell him thanks and will ask for his blessing over both of us..." Michael agreed to join me by bowing his head while I prayed and gave thanks...

For the kids who have no parents and like Michael who have had little or no adult supervision as they grew up, entering into what others would call normal civilized life can be difficult... If I do not take the time to speak into his life... Who will? I've seen many others just like him and they often die young. Without supervision children will often go the path of least resistance... If I have another day to treat him to breakfast I plan on providing him a bottle of shampoo and more caring advice... Giving him another one of those missed #101 lessons... Rebuilding lost years is much more difficult than building them as they grow up...
Michael and Uncle Darrell


Frog message

Am I weird or is it just a guy thing? I remember being 9 years old and God spoke to me and said he wanted me to be a missionary. Note: I'd just burn't the church down (by accident - maybe I'll tell how another day (OK I had this thing about playing with fire...). Anyway I understand kids a bit and last week when I gave a nine year old boy a gift (a book) - he quickly exclaimed “he didn't want it...”


Frog messageBeing the author I quickly took it back and he got nothing... However I was determined to find him something that he would like and that's what led me to buy him a dead frog... One of those 'You need this and just don't know it gifts...'


Saturday the night before his family were to fly back to the states I went to give him his gift and first told him the following story... There was a young man who just happened to be 9 years old. His family had to move and in the new town and new school he had no friends yet he was determined to be a part of the popular group of kids...


So identifying the popular kids he stayed around them and one day the leader ask if he wanted to join the group and explained it would hinge upon his passing the initiation test which was different for every member. He replied 'yes' and inwardly was determined that he would and could do anything they ask of him.


The next day the leader of the group came to him and standing at the front of the school asked if he was ready for the initiation test. His answer was 'yes' and he was determined to pass the test. The leader of the group pointed to where the vehicles dropped off the children for school and asked, "Do you see that that over there?" The young man looked where he was pointing and saw the body of a frog that had been flattened by many tires.


The leader then said, "Your initiation test is to take the frog and eat one bite of it. Let's see if you pass the test." The frog was disgusting looking and flies had covered it BUT the young man was determined that he could and would do whatever it took to be 'in' the popular group so picking up the dead frog he used his teeth and ripped off a piece, chewed and swallowed it. The kids watching him with the encouragement of their leader said, "Yuck... He's a dirty frog eater. He could never be a part of our group!" And he never was...


At the conclusion of the story as I handed the nine year old the frog I reminded him that one day he would want a friend and that there is a Friend that sticks closer than a brother and his name is Jesus... The tanned leather frog coin purse was received and appreciated by my young friend...



This afternoon I was enjoying a RARE bag of sweet and salty Kettle Corn... Mm good. All of a sudden enjoyment turned to unexpected pain as i bit on a kernel and broke my tooth. Trust me; It's no fun losing half your tooth. Ouch! I called the dentist ASAP. I was begging them for help and was in the chair an hour later. They repaired the tooth and it feels so much better. Some small details... Like  many dentists here she preferred to drill with no anesthesia. I confess, there were a few groans that slipped out, but she did an excellent job and I wasn't too much of a wimp.

At Family Circus we have been lacking volunteer dentists for several months and today after repairing my tooth the dentist volunteered to come serve the children at Family Circus on Saturdays. I love it when what I think is an accident (like breaking a tooth) turns into Gods appointment. Another note: We require the children at FC to be brave when treated by the dentist. A random tear is acceptable but not loud uncontrolled crying. Parents are rarely with the child being treated and "Yes" we give them anesthesia. You might be surprised how brave kids are ages 5 and above when they have been suffering from a toothache and for many, this is the first dentist they ever went to in their life and it was at Family Circus because the family had no money.

It has been our observation if an adult has a toothache they get their tooth treated ASAP (Just like mine). However the child is often told to be quiet and stop their crying because the family has no money... Grr I don't think that's fair nor is it healthy for the child. So we do what we can to meet their needs... Including caring for their toothache.


Juvy PayawJuvy Payaw


We find Family Circus kids grown up and working in various business establishments all over town and literally around the world. In SM Davao City this week Juvy Payaw an employee of Pizza Hut said, "Hi, and said she went to FC as a child.  It's wonderful to see so many kids serving the Lord. They change so much from a child to becoming an adult but they remember our teaching them each week. Often they even quote the 4 Rules of Life... #1 God loves me...

Isn't it interesting the coincidence that occurred in the hospital after we prayed for Angel Concon... She had no more Dengue fever. I understand the Doctor's response was "Maybe it was just a virus." I say, "Thank you Jesus... You still answer prayer & heal the sick."





Angel in the_hospitalAngel Concon has Dengue and is in the hospital. Dengue is contracted from mosquitos, it makes you feel bad because it attacks the blood, and it's sometimes referred to as the bone breaker disease, perhaps because of how it makes you feel.Ronilo Oning Diayon and I went by this morning to pray for her, she has dark rings under her eyes and is very tired, and feverish. Her blood platelet count is quite low. 'Yes' it is dangerous many children die from it every year. I know Angel would appreciate your prayers. Her mom is watching over her. She's in her first year at College and had just finished her tests which likely made her already tired due to all the stress from her studies and tests. Angel also like to help as a volunteer at Family Circus

Angel in the hospital







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This is the

Family Circus . . .

Adonis sitting
Baking room
Forklift container
Former gas tank area

Please pray for Darrell & Sandy, and the team. God grant them sufficient:

  • Strength,
  • Energy,
  • Wisdom,
  • Knowledge,
  • Discernment,
  • Peace, and
  • Joy - unspeakable and full of Glory!!

Pray for food - spiritual and physical - sufficient to help with the needs of those attending Family Circus.


Pray for supplies, building materials, permits, etc. for current and future needs of Family Circus.


Pray for health and safety for all those involved in the Family Circus mission outreach.

Family Circus Children’s Ministry was created by Assembly of God Church missionaries Darrell and Sandy Blatchley in 1993 to produce high impact and joyful methods of presenting the Gospel (#1) to children and (#2) to their families. 


The purpose of the Family Circus is to bring the life and joy of Jesus, combining both discipleship and evangelism, to reach lost children, while ministering to the needs of the child, both spiritual and physical.


Each week five to six thousand people of all ages attend the Family Circus church services held under the ‘Big Top’, a big circus tent pitched in the center of the densely populated “Muslim Friendship Village in Davao City, Mindanao City, PHILIPPINES. Approximately 4,000 of the 6,000 member congregation are children- half of which are malnourished.  More than 1,000 are adults.